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Postion Overview

We are currently hiring for Maid/ Cleaning technicians. Please check in for more updates.

Lil Shine cleaning service has many positions to offer. Providing cleaning services to both residential and commercial, Lil Shine continues to expand in the cleaning industries. Our Employees are carefully selected and trained. Giving them the skills needed to advance and the opportunity to grow. Whether part time or full, hourly or management, Lil Shine employees are always proud to say that “we are proud to shine”


Maid /Cleaning technician: Maid and cleaning specialist trained to clean, sanitize and prepare equipment, homes, and hazardous areas for public use, and to provide a better overall appearance.



• Include using high-powered cleaning equipment and chemicals

• Scrubbing

• Pressure washing

• Polishing

• Sanitizing assigned areas

• Occupation and/or cleanliness.


Office cleaning technicians: Specialist trained in cleaning offices. Wipe down appliances and furniture, as well as vacuum carpet. They might clean everything from the company president’s desk to the employee microwave.



• Knowledgeable on how to use equipment needed for cleaning

• Knowledgeable tools used to polish floors.

• They also must have a firm grasp of which types of cleaning chemicals are to be used for each job


Banquet server: A banquet server performs serving duties at dinners and events. They must be able to stand and walk for an extended period of time while accommodating guests effectively and politely.



• Banquet servers set up for events carry trays,

• Serve guests and clean up at the event's conclusion.

• Set up can include putting out tablecloths and place settings,

• Arranging table placement and putting up a buffet.

• They must be able to focus on the job while staying on their feet and moving about freely,

• Must be able to bend

• Climbing stairs and carrying items weighing 25-50 pounds.


Bartender: Will be required to stand behind a bar for long periods of time. Making drinks for customers as well as for waiters who need to fill a drink order at their tables. Bartenders prepare alcoholic beverages every day, but they are also required to have a good handle on serving people—especially intoxicated people—handing cash and credit cards, and working with specialty equipment.



• Serving customers,

• mixing and pouring drinks,

• Strong knowledge of drink menu understanding of bar equipment.


Waitress /cocktail waitress: Serve beverages (both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic) to patrons seated at tables or in bar or cocktail area. Compute bill and accept payment. May take orders for and serve light meals and hors d’oeuvres. May request identification from customers when legal age is in question.



• Welcome and greet guests

• take beverage orders from guests

• enter orders in our order/sale

• Deliver beverages from kitchen and bar to guests in a timely manner.

• Maintain clean service areas.


Manager Positions


Event Manager: Responsible for managing staff and ensuring deadlines are adhered to. Work with event planner/coordinator of activities to prepare for the day of the event.



  • Site surveying

  • Client Service

  • Brief clarification

  • Budget drafting

  • Cash flow management

  • Supply chain identification

  • Procurement

  • Scheduling

  • Site design

  • Technical design

  • Health & Safety

  • First Aid Services

  • Environmental and ecological management

  • Risk management