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house foreclosure



Lil Shine cleaning service will work directly with Reo asset managers, bank managers, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and home owners in Essex and Union county areas. Whether, you are preparing your property for reintroduction to the market or a short sale. Our property preservation specialist will work hard to insure the readiness of the property in a timely and professional manner.

Services rendered may include but limited to.




Exterior Cleaning

  • Yard and Lawn Service Trimming heddges

  • Mowing lawn

  • Sweeping sidewals, pathways

  • Personal property

  • Cleaning up debris

  • Cleaning and replacing of fixtures

  • Painting

  • Plastering dry walls

If you need any additional services please inquire. Our customer representative will be happy to assist you at 1-800-373-2636

Interior Cleaning

  • Sweep, Map, Vacuum, Dust

  • Skylights, Cabinets, Counter Tops

  • Tubs, Shower, Sink, Jacuzzi

  • Appliances, Range hoods

  • Vents, Air ducts

  • Tile and grouting

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Fireplace

  • Garage cleaning