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Estate Cleaning

Lil Shine Estate Cleaning Services can assist you after the death of a love one, relocating of parent into a Retirement Facility or simply down-sizing from house to an apartment.  We know that it can become very stressful for you when you are left with a difficult task like cleaning out a home. Don’t stress about it, let our Estate Cleaning Specialist do all the work for you. Whether you are a family member, an Attorney or an Estate Manager we will assist you with...

  • Prepare Property for resale

  • Clean all room

  • Vacuum ceiling to floor

  • Whole house dusting

  • Cabinet and closet cleaning  

  • Clean and polish banister

  • Mop and polish floors

  • separating personal property

  • Organizing valuables from junk

  • Tagging items for sale

  • packaging items

  • Storage facilties

  • Donating items to charity

  • tagging items for Garage sale,  etc.

  • Removal of trash/Junk

Call for a free estimate today and we will get you started right away...special request must be discussed prior to the the start of the service.